Skyfall - Are you ready to conquer your fears and Jump?

We are proud to say the Skyfall Jump is the first of it's kind in Australia and it's an Adrenalin Pumping Activity where the you are harnessed in a full body harness and then attached to a free fall device which is secured above one of our tallest platforms at 12m above the ground below. You must then conquer your fears and jump off the platform experiencing free fall for a third of the way down before our free fall devices catches and lowers you safely to the ground.

We have several methods of attaching the customer to the free fall device allowing us to really AMP UP the adrenalin experience.

We are currently offering a HUGE SPECIAL where for only $25 you get to jump the skyfall 2 TIMES. Each time you jump we change the way you are strapped on and really amp up the adrenalin experience!