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TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast

TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast

Go troppo in the treetops at Australia's Highest and Most Thrilling Adventure Park!

Get Ready to Push your fears to the limit and get your adrenaline racing at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast. Our Adventure Park is suspended amongst 10 acres of stunning coastal rainforest where we take you sky-high (over 30m on our highest courses!!!) to experience stunning views from the tree canopy. Throughout your epic half-day adventure you will experience 120 exciting high ropes games while gliding along 12 ziplines spanning from 20m to 140m in length.

Located at The Big Pineapple , our high ropes adventure park is unlike anything you will do on the Sunshine Coast! Featuring six unique courses which start off easy and working up to heart-pumping extreme and with totally new challenges crafted just for the Sunshine Coast our high ropes courses will appeal to the dare-devil in everyone in your group!

To view some photos, check out our gallery below!

Adventure Park Highlights

  • Highest, largest and most thrilling high ropes adventure park in Australia!!!
  • 120 epic challenges
  • 12 massive flying foxes(ziplines), stretching between 20 and 140m
  • heights for everybody from 3m to 35m off the ground!
  • 6 courses to tackle, from easy to Black Diamond extreme
  • Suspended amongst 10 acres of stunning rainforest
  • Please read our FAQ's for further information on requirements and booking policies

Regular TreeTop Challenge Prices

Adult, ages 14+ $70pp
Child, ages 8 to 14 $60pp
Family, 2 adults, 2 children $240
Concession, must show valid card $65pp
group, 10+ tickets $58pp

Adventure Park Details

Our High Ropes Adventure Park stretches through 10 acres of the most incredibly lush rainforest (which we think looks like the dense green of the Daintree in Far North Queensland). Expect to have a thrilling day out in nature as you conquer personal goals and have a whole lot of fun.

All our adventure parks are self-paced so you can complete each circuit at your own speed. The first 2 Green courses are easy and designed for everyone in the family. It’s a chance to enjoy the rainforest and build confidence in the sky. The third course steps it up a notch with huge ziplines, ninja games, stunning heights and opportunities to really face your fears at every turn.

If you think those are a piece of pie, wait for the final 2 Black circuits. We believe these are the highest and scariest high ropes courses in Australia. We’ve designed these super challenges for ages 14+. They will absolutely push you beyond your comfort zone.

All adventurers can explore the first 4 huge courses (multiple times if they wish!) that are designed for ages 8+ and can reach the minimum height requirement, while the 2 extreme Black courses are accessible only for people who can reach 180cm to the palms of their hands with both hands stretched above their head.

Our Sunshine Coast Adventure Park is located right beside the Big Pineapple itself. You probably know the iconic Queensland attraction for its banana split sundaes and train rides – but now we’re part of the revival bringing extreme thrills and heart-pumping fun. Grab a selfie with the 16m high, heritage-listed fibreglass fruit before checking in with us. Look for the nut hut, that’s our reception.

Abs are not necessary, but some fitness is required to complete the course as you do need the strength to climb through the trees. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete a circuit, and roughly 3hrs to complete the whole Sunshine Coast park. We use the highest grade safety equipment and our state-of-the-art smart belay system will keep you attached to the wires at all times.

If you’re keen to escape to a world of adventure, push past your comfort zone and challenge your body – join us and experience extreme thrills at our Big Pineapple Adventure Challenge on the Sunshine Coast.

Step 1 - Select a Date

Step 2 - Select a Session Time

Step 3 - Select Your Ticket(s)

Type Quantity Amount

* Height Requirement: Child must reach 160cm to palms of hand

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Step 4 - Complete your details

  -   I fully agree to the terms and condition of TreeTop Challenge and understand that I will need to complete a waiver as part of this booking. To view an example waiver form, please Click Here

Cancellation Policy

  • Changes to the date or time of your booking must be received 24 hours prior to your experience. All changes are subject to availability.
  • To Re-schedule or cancel your booking within 24hrs, a $10 re-schedule fee will apply.

Session Times - Weekends & QLD holiday periods

Our adventure Park opens at 9am and closes at 5:00pm. Our courses close 20 minutes to 45 minutes before the close of day to ensure guests safely complete all activities before the close of day. On weekends, we recommend 3 to 4hrs to complete our adventure park. If you wish to attempt all our courses, we recommend you book our earlier session times to avoid any disappointment.

Session Times - Mid-Week

Our adventure Park opens at 9am and closes at 5:00pm with session times 10am and 1:30pm. Each session goes for 3hrs and is plenty of time to complete all the activities.

Harnessing & Induction

Harnessing and induction takes 30 minutes to complete. It's important you arrive 15 minutes before your session time to sign in and be ready to begin. If you arrive later than your session time, you might be asked to join a later session as we cannot induct you mid-way through an induction


  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Minimum height requirement: Must be able to reach 160cm to the palm of your hands stretched above your head.
  • To access the Black levels: Must be able to reach 180cm with the palm of your hand stretched above your head.
  • Harnesses have a maximum diameter of 120cm
  • Maximum weight 120kg
  • Activity not recommended if you are pregnant, have pre-existing heart related illness, severe asthma, back related injuries or other chronic illnesses

What to bring

  • Closed in shoes (sneakers are ideal)
  • Shorts or leggings suitable for wearing a harness
  • Small camera or phone to capture memories (only if you can secure it in a pocket with a zip).

What about the weather?

The TreeTop Challenge operates in all weather conditions, except lighting storms or high winds. Your safety is our priority. If we cancel the experience for any reason, you will be eligible for a full refund, but please be aware this may not include non-refundable third party booking fees.

Height Requirements

  • You must reach a minimum of 160cm to the palm of your hard to attempt our easy and medium courses

We’re located at The Big Pineapple

76 Nambour Connection Road, Woombye QLD 4559
Phone: 1300-881-446

Our Sunshine Coast Adventure Park stretch through 8 acres of incredible rainforest right next to the iconic Big Pineapple structure. After you’ve tackled all five courses within adrenaline-pumping challenge, take a selfie with or climb up inside the heritage-listed fibreglass fruit and explore the other attractions also located, such as Wildlife HQ and the Montville Coffee Cafe.

For more information about the Big Pineapple, go to:

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