Are you ready for the Adventure Experience of a lifetime?

Our high ropes adventure parks are the largest in the country and have been designed to give you an EPIC adventure as we start off easy and build up to heart-pumping extremes. Every park has around 100 challenges including balancing beams, Tarzan swings and single wires to navigate. Every location also has at least 10 epic ziplines that will see you fly up to 30m above the ground!

Our adventure parks also operate the highest grade safety equipment with a state of the art smart belay system to keep you safe at all times without you having to worry about it!

Why choose to tackle our #TreeTopChallenge?
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Bond with friends, family or coworkers
  • Take on the largest high ropes adventure park in Australia
  • Get your adrenaline pumping while in nature
  • Face your fear of heights
  • Spend time offline and away from digital screens
  • Work at your own speed - it’s a self-paced adventure tour
  • Feel super safe - we operate with the highest grade equipment
  • All three TreeTop Challenge parks are located at famous and iconic sites in South East Queensland. Find us at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Thunderbird Park on the Gold Coast, and at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast. All locations are just a one-hour drive from Brisbane.

Height Requirements

  • You must reach a minium of 160cm to the palm of your hard to attempt our easy and medium courses
  • Don't worry if you cannot reach, we have a juniors park , at our Mt tamborine Á Sunshine Coast locations as well!

Adventure Park, Sunshine Coast

The TreeTop Challenge located at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast is Australia's Highest & Most Thrilling Adventure Park which includes 100 Epic Challenges and 12 Huge Flying Foxes spread over 5 amazing courses that are suspended in stunning rainforest. Our courses start very easy and progressively get more and more adventurous giving you the chance to conquer your fears, have a whole lot of fun, take in stunning views and most of all experience the TreeTop Canopy like never before!

More Info on the TreeTop Challenge, Sunshine Coast

Adventure Park, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The TreeTop Challenge is an exciting aerial adventure located Inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where you will be experiencing up to 80 aerial Challenges including 11 huge ziplines that are spread across 5 courses and suspended high above many animal enclosures! When you undertake our five unique courses ranging from easy to extreme you will be climbing through the trees high above many iconic Australian animals including dingoes & emus while zip-lining over crocodiles & kangaroos!

More Info on the TreeTop Challenge, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Adventure Park, Tamborine Mountain

The TreeTop Challenge at Tamborine Mountain is Australia’s largest High Ropes Adventure Park with more than 120 TreeTop Activities including 10 ziplines! Our courses range from easy to extreme and traverse through 9 acres of amazing bushland and rainforest. To complete the entire Adventure Park will take 3 to 4 hours where you will have an amazing adventure flying through the trees, conquering your fears and having a whole lot of fun!

More Info on the TreeTop Challenge, Tamborine Mountain

Our five-star parks are huge!

We’re one of the top-rated adventure attractions for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & greater South East Queensland. Set aside a half day to tackle our premier high ropes course and get your adrenaline pumping as you overcome personal fears.

Perfect for birthdays and groups

Facing our challenges head on as a team is a great way to bond or celebrate. At Mt Tamborine our big deck with rainforest views over beautiful Cedar Creek is the spot to light those birthday candles and recharge before heading back out to finish the high ropes courses. At the Big Pineapple, bring your own picnic rugs and laze about near the lake between circuits. Find out more about birthday parties and group sessions here.

State-of-the-art equipment

We use the Smart Belay System, making us one of the safest high ropes activities in Australia. The two carabiners connected to your harness communicate with each other so you can never disconnect both from the wires at once. It keeps you safe and prevents all falls – which is our top priority.

Highly trained staff

All our staff are rescue trained and timed through our courses to maintain efficiency in getting to someone, regardless of where they might be. If anything happens, we are more than capable of handling it professionally. Keeping you safe is our priority and we maintain the highest safety standards with our staff, procedures and equipment.