Are you ready for the Adventure Experience of a lifetime?

The TeeTop Challenge has two exciting and unique High Ropes Adventure Parks located at Mt Tamborine inside Thunderbird Park and at Currumbin inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Our adventure parks are amongst the largest in the country and are designed to push your fears to the limit while having an EPIC adventure. Our courses are designed from easy to heart pumping extreme with everything in-between

Our adventure parks also operate the highest grade safety equipment with a state of the art smart belay system to keep you safe at all times without you having to worry about it!

Adventure Park, Sunshine Coast

The TreeTop Challenge located at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast is Australia's Highest & Most Thrilling Adventure Park which includes 100 Epic Challenges and 12 Huge Flying Foxes spread over 5 amazing courses that are suspended in stunning rainforest. Our courses start very easy and progressively get more and more adventurous giving you the chance to conquer your fears, have a whole lot of fun, take in stunning views and most of all experience the TreeTop Canopy like never before!

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Adventure Park, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The TreeTop Challenge is an exciting aerial adventure located Inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where you will be experiencing up to 80 aerial Challenges including 11 huge ziplines that are spread across 5 courses and suspended high above many animal enclosures! When you undertake our five unique courses ranging from easy to extreme you will be climbing through the trees high above many iconic Australian animals including dingoes & emus while zip-lining over crocodiles & kangaroos!

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Adventure Park, Tamborine Mountain

The TreeTop Challenge at Tamborine Mountain is Australia’s largest High Ropes Adventure Park with more than 120 TreeTop Activities including 10 ziplines! Our courses range from easy to extreme and traverse through 9 acres of amazing bushland and rainforest. To complete the entire Adventure Park will take 3 to 4 hours where you will have an amazing adventure flying through the trees, conquering your fears and having a whole lot of fun!

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Self Paced Adventure Tour

The TreeTop Challenge is a self paced adventure tour, which means we don't force you to stay with people you don't know! You get to go at your own speed while you are on the courses.

The Adventure Attraction for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & South East Queensland

The TreeTop Challenge is now so large that its good to give yourself half a day to truly enjoy the your time with us. The TreeTop Challenge is now regarded as the Adventure Attraction for the Brisbane & Gold Coast because you gain such a unique & unforgettable adrenalin pumping experience!

The TreeTop Challenge is loads of fun & it's Safe!

TreeTop challenge has 6 highly trained individual managers in vertical rescue and outdoor recreation to make sure no matter what situation could ever arise we would be more than capable of handling it with the utmost professionalism and capability. All our staff are rescue trained and are timed throughout our course to maintain their efficiency in getting to an individual regardless of where the distressed person might be in our park.

The TreeTop Challenge prides itself on its safety record putting the safety of the individual as its absolute highest priority. We maintain the highest safety standards through our highly skilled staff, safety procedures and our equipment.

State of the art safety equipment

The TreeTop Challenge uses a state of the art Smart Belay System making us one of the safest high ropes activities in Australia. The smart belay system works by communicating with each other and will not let the participant disconnect both carabineers at any stage throughout the park. Therefore, course participants are unable to disconnect and fall from wires or platforms.