TreeTop Challenge Commitment to the environment

Environmental Vision

TreeTop Challenge operations, staff and guests value and protect our sites and consider their wider environmental impacts, ensuring each site is protected, the business is sustainable and general environmental impacts are limited.

The TreeTop Challenge Environmental Framework and Action Plan guides all business decisions and activity, including:

  • Site capacity management
  • Industry leading tree platform design and wire rigging standards
  • Soil compaction and erosion mitigation
  • Litter/waste management
  • Native flora and fauna protection
  • Energy and water usage impacts
  • Emissions calculation and offsetting
  • A key outcome achieved in 2017 was TreeTop Challenge becoming carbon neutral by offsetting 100% of the businesses greenhouse gas emissions through Greenfleet. Do your bit and offset some of your emissions today!

    Tips for reducing your carbon footprint:

    Run air-conditioning at 25°C in Summer and 18°C in Winter, every degree less in Summer or more in Winter can increase energy usage, emissions and costs by up to 10%!

    Ensure your house/office is appropriately insulated, this can save as much as 80% on energy usage, emissions and costs – that’s huge!

    Drive smoothly, stop/start driving is significantly less efficient and produces more emissions than driving at a constant speed, use cruise control on the open road where possible. Don’t speed either, fuel consumption increases significantly over 90 km/h, at 110 km/h your car uses up to 25% more fuel and produces up to 25% more emissions!

    Take reusable bags when you do the shopping, single use bags will soon be a thing of the past, may as well get into the habit and start protecting our waterways and wider environment today! (do the same with your coffee, those cups aren’t recyclable, take your own and reuse!)

    When you fly, check the carbon offset box, for domestic flights its usually less than a cup of coffee, we can all afford that!