COVID-19 information @ TreeTop Challenge

COVID-19 Information @ TreeTop Challenge


At TreeTop Challenge our number one priority has been and will always be the health and safety of our guests and team members.


The TreeTop Challenge is a highly unique outdoor amusement park with multiple sites across South East Queensland. Inherent by design, our attractions effectively social distance customers and guests by rules throughout the adventure park / zipline experiences.

The TreeTop Challenge follows industry approved COVID-SAFE plans developed for the Tourism Industry and Outdoor Recreation Providers. To read more about them, please view them here:

What about Covid-19 Related Disruption?

If your activity has been disrupted by a covid related issue, we will automatically credit your booking for a future use. We also offer a 100% refund policy up until the time of your booking for any reservations affected by COVID.

Social Distancing Measures - All Sites Á Common Areas

  • Floor wall markings and signs to identify 1.5m distance between people
  • Setup contactless payment system where all customers must prepay before arrival
  • Setup online consent forms, which removes customers touching any surfaces or sign in machines
  • Separate entry & exit points
  • Removing all guest seating areas
  • Remote Sign-in Á induction Process
  • Setup of secondary outside processing area for pre-booked customers
  • Modified course rules to enforce strict social distancing
  • Removed common congestion areas throughout the site
  • Safe Procedures - All Attractions

  • Electronic register to record guest attendance for QLD Health
  • Remote sign-in & contactless payment
  • Digital temperature checks of all customers and staff
  • Staggered start & end times, staggered lunch breaks for staff
  • Reduced customer session sizes to enforce strict social distancing
  • All guests provided gloves at arrival which are dis-infected at the end of their experience
  • Attraction: High Ropes Course

  • Session Sizes at 50% capacity to ensure strict social distancing
  • Modified induction rules where customers harness themselves under supervision. This minimizes contact with staff
  • Staff provided with personal hygiene packs
  • Modified course rules to ensure all guests will be a minimum of 5m apart while outdoors on course.
  • Staff monitoring visitor behaviour to ensure compliance with government distancing requirements between individuals or family units.
  • Disinfecting all customer PPE
  • Attraction: Canyon Flyer Zipline Tour

  • Modified induction rules where customers harness themselves under supervision. This minimizes contact with staff
  • Wipe down transport vehicle between tours
  • Digital temperature check every guest
  • Disinfecting all customer PPE & equipment
  • Complying with hygiene and cleaning requirements

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser at entry and exit points and in common rooms/lunchrooms
  • Signs posted regarding practicing of proper hygiene and hand washing
  • Contactless Sign-in & Pre Payment Systems setup for customers
  • All Common surfaces used by customers are cleaned between sessions
  • Reduced session sizes to maintain strict social distancing
  • All guests given gloves upon arrival
  • All PPE fully disinfected between use
  • All cleaning materials are commercial grade dis-infected

    Any prepaid tickets and vouchers affected by our closure will be valid by up to 3 years inline with ACCC guidelines. please email for more information.