Inspire your students today with our amazing TreeTop Challenge!

Since 2007, the Mount Tamborine TreeTop Challenge has delivered inspiring and exhilarating treetop adventures and adrenalin activities to over 30,000 visitors each year.

Students in particular relish the thrill of learning about themselves, each other, and their environment while they master our 100 fun, exciting challenges on school excursions.

What they'll discover:

  • Mateship – teach children to encourage each other and form fast friendships as they tackle a common challenge together.
  • Teamwork – provide great, practical insights into how to work together towards a shared goal.
  • Courage – show students how to overcome fear of heights and the unknown in a uniquely safe, fun environment.
  • Self-worth – your students’ confidence will grow exponentially as they tackle fun courses and adrenalin activities, learning to believe in themselves.
  • Appreciation – watch them explore the natural environment from a unique perspective high above the treetops.

About our courses

Spanning 9 acres of idyllic bushland, The TreeTop Challenge crosses six individual courses, each with a different combination of adrenalin activities involving ladders, ropes, suspension bridges and flying foxes – some over 100 metres long!

The TreeTop Challenge is loads of fun for students, but it’s also safe!

You get added peace of mind knowing that all our courses are designed to meet the Queensland Adventure Activity Standards and Best Practice Ecotourism Development Guidelines. And our Managers and Instructors comply with the Queensland High Ropes Activity Risk Assessment criteria.

Exceptional Challenges for School Excursions

We’ve designed two adventure-packed challenges for school excursions, at a special discounted rate.

Everything’s included – safety gear (harnesses, helmets, overalls and gloves) – and all participants are taken through full safety instructions and a safety DVD before starting the course.

Half-Day Adventure

  • Get an all-inclusive pass to The TreeTop Challenge, with students taking approximately 3 hours to complete the 5 courses.
  • Two session times are offered each day, at 10am and 12.30pm.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Your school can take part in the TreeTop Challenge for only $27 per student. And, for every 20 students, a teacher takes the challenge for FREE.

Full Day Adventure Overload

  • Split students into two groups – one group takes the treetop challenge, while the other abseils from one of the natural rock walls in the park. After lunch, the groups swap adrenalin activities.
  • We consult with you to ensure the Full Day Adventure Overload is tailored to meet your group’s exact requirements.

Getting In Touch With Us

To book or find out more about our school excursion packages please email us or alternatively please call us on 1300 881 446 and we would love to answer any questions you might have.