TreeTop Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

TreeTop Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

TreTop Challenge FAQ's

Health & Safety

All TreeTop Challenge activities are highly exciting, physically & mentally demanding as you will be attempting a physical activity with ladders, steep climbs and many other challenging games. As your safety is always our number priority, it means you cannot participate if you have a chronic illnes or pre-existing medical / physical concern including but not limited to:
  1. Heart Illness
  2. Recent Surgery
  3. Ashthma
  4. Anaphylaxis
  5. Back Problems

Companion Cards

Companion Cards are not accepted at TreeTop Challenge because everyone who participates in our activity must be able to complete the activity under their own ability and without the need for assistance. The reason is because throughout our activities, there are many occasions where people cannot be assisted as they undertake physically demanding games & attempting ziplines. There are instances where a carer would be up to 150m away from the person in their care as many games require 1 person at a time to complete.
For guests who require a carer, we can arrange a tour guide to assist throughout the experience

Special Needs

The TreeTop Challenge is a highly phsyical and mentally demanding activity in a remote and challenging environment. Because of this, it is not recommended for guests with special needs to attempt our activities because guests must be able to follow complex instructions un-supervised and without assistance to safely complete the activity.
For guests with special needs, we can arrange a tour guide to assist throughout the experience

Standard Cancellation Policy

Changes to the date or time of your booking must be received 48 hours prior to your experience. Changes within 48hrs will incure a $10 re-schedule fee.

What about Covid-19 Related Disruption?

If your activity has been disrupted by a covid related issue, we will automatically credit your booking for a future use. We also offer a 100% refund policy up until the time of your booking for any reservations affected by COVID.

What about the weather?

The TreeTop Challenge operates in all weather conditions, except lighting storms or high winds. Your safety is our priority. If we cancel your tour for any reason, you will be eligible for a full refund, but please be aware this may not include non-refundable third party booking fees.

TreeTop Challenge Standard Days of Operation

Please check the booking calendar for available sessions each day. The TreeTop Challenge is closed on
  1. New Years Day
  2. Anzac Day
  3. Christmas Day
  4. Boxing Day

Is payment requred?

All bookings require payment in full at the time of booking and are made for a specific time and date.

Do I need to bring special gear / clothing/ shoes?

You need to wear enclosed and comfortable sport of hiking shoes, and a comfortable shirt and pants.

Where can I leave my valuables or belongings?

We provide lockers for your convenience.

Can I wear my jewellery?

For safety purposes, all jewellery that can be removed should be removed. We don’t carry liability for jewellery or any other items lost on the tour, and if you drop something you will probably never find it.

Can I wear spectacles or sunglasses on the tour?

Yes you can but our advice is that you should not take anything you are not prepared to loose.

When are peak periods?

Peak periods are on weekends and during any QLD school holidays.

Can we break for lunch?

It's recommended that our participants utilise as much time climbing as possible, and have food either before or after the activity. If participants wish to take a long break we kindly ask them to return their equipment.

Will I have to wait in line during peak periods or busy days?

Occasionally yes, peak periods see a larger volume of climbers in the adventure park, there are some short wait times for our larger courses.

Will I complete all courses during peak periods or busy days?

Yes, completing all of our courses is achievable, however we recommend booking the earlier sessions .

Can I skip to the harder courses?

No, for your safety it is a requirement all our climbers complete a beginner and an intimidate course prior to moving onto advanced or expert courses. This also assists us in managing course congestion and keeping a smooth flow for our participants.

What are the minimum requirements?

We have 2 minimum Requirements

  1. You need to be at least 7 years old
  2. You need to be to reach 160cm with the palms of your hand stretched above your head
  3. For the Canyon Flyer, you must weigh between 40kg and 120kg
  4. Every activity has further requirements listed on their booking page

Whats the maximum weight?

The maximum weight we allow is 120kg

How big is the harness?

Our harnesses have a diameter of 110cm

How long do we need?

To complete every course you need around 3hrs. Each course takes roughly 45 minutes and you can do as little or as much as you would like.

Do I need to be Fit

The TreeTop Challenge is a moderate fitness activity. You will climb / descend ladders and balance yourself on different elements.

How big a group can I bring?

The TreeTop Challenge is extemely large giving us enough capacity to accomodate groups of 150+

Do I need to complete every course?

You go at your own pace through the High Ropes courses and you do not have to complete every course.

Have another Question?

To ask a question please email us or alternatively please call us on 1300 881 446 and we would love to answer any questions you might have.