TreeTop Challenge Juniors

TreeTop Challenge Juniors, the largest Adventure Parks built for Children in Australia

Our Juniors adventure parks are the largest in the country and have been designed to give your child an EPIC adventure as we start off easy and build up to heart-pumping extremes. Our parks are located in the Sunshine Coast (Big Pineapple) Á Tamborine Mtn (Thunderbird Park)

Each session lasts for 2hrs which includes a 30 minute induction of harnessing and training, your child will then be to do as many courses as they would like! You don't need any experience as our team are there to ensure your child has an amazing time

Our adventure parks also operate the highest grade safety equipment with a state of the art smart belay system to keep you safe at all times without you having to worry about it!

Sunshine Coast, Big Pineapple, ages 4 to 9

The TreeTop Challenge Juniors course is Australia's largest Zipline & High Ropes attraction built entirely for children aged 3 to 9! Build confidence and create lifelong memories in your child as they conquer their fears, enjoy the TreeTops and have an amazing adventure swinging through the trees. And the best part is parents and friends can sit and watch, enjoy a coffee as you encourage them every step of the way! With over 70 High Ropes games and 5 awesome zip lines spread over 5 courses, your child will be having an unforgettable amazing adventure in the treetops, they’ll never want to leave!

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Tamborine Mtn, Thunderbird Park, ages 4 to 8

The TreeTop Challenge Juniors at Tamborine Mountain is Australia's largest Zipline attraction built entirely for children aged 4 to 8! With over 50 High Ropes games and 4 awesome ziplines spread over 4 courses, your child will be having an amazing adventure in the treetops!

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State-of-the-art equipment

We use state of the art continous belay systems, this means when we connect your child onto the safety wire. Your child's pulley cannot come off the line until it's back on the ground at the end of the course!

Highly trained staff

All our staff are rescue trained and timed through our courses to maintain efficiency in getting to someone, regardless of where they might be. If anything happens, we are more than capable of handling it professionally. Keeping you safe is our priority and we maintain the highest safety standards with our staff, procedures and equipment.