TreeTop Challenge, Australia's Largest Zipline and High Ropes Attractions

Are you ready for the thrill of flying through the tree’s, the satisfaction of conquering your fears and creating unforgettable memories as you experience Australia's largest guided Zipline Tour and TreeTop Adventure Parks?

We are located at Tamborine Mountain, Sunshine Coast and inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. At Currumbin, we are high above many iconic animal enclosures giving you the experience of zip-lining over crocodiles, kangaroos and dingoes while at Tamborine Mountain and the Sunshine Coast you will experience stunning rainforest and massive heights on Australia's Largest Guided Zipline Tour and TreeTop Adventure Park!

The TreeTop Challenge has 5 AMAZING Adventures!

The Canyon Flyer Guided Zipline Tour

Australia’s largest, highest and fastest guided zipline tour!

You will experience the unbelievable thrill of being more than 60m high and attaining speeds as fast as 70km's per hour!
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TreeTop Challenge, Sunshine Coast

100 Huge TreeTop Challenges including 12 huge ziplines!

Australia's Highest Adventure Park suspended in stunning rainforest at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast.
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TreeTop Adventure Park, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Up to 80 aerial Challenges including 11 huge ziplines!

Five unique courses ranging from easy to extreme. You will be climbing through the trees high above dingoes & emus while zip-lining over crocodiles & kangaroos!
More Info on the TreeTop Challenge, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
TreeTop Adventure Park, Tamborine Mountain

More than 120 TreeTop Activities including 10 ziplines!

To complete the entire Adventure Park will take 3 to 4 hours where you will have an amazing adventure flying through the trees, conquering your fears and having a whole lot of fun!
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TreeTop Challenge Juniors, Tamborine Mountain

Australia's largest Zipline attraction built entirely for children aged 3 to 7

With 50+ TreeTop Challenges and 4 AMAZING Ziplines, your child will be gliding through the tree's whilst creating EPIC memories as they conquer their fears in a safe and empowering environment!
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The TreeTop Challenge is a multi-awarding brand!


At the TreeTop Challenge we also cater for groups of any size

  • Birthday Parties - For the ultimate birthday party experience, treat your child to the delights of our TreeTop Adventure theme park in Queensland. We cater for parties of any size, guiding the birthday boy or girl and friends through our 100 thrilling and fun-filled treetop challenges - read more
  • Bucks Parties - Kick-start your Buck's Party with the adrenalin rush of a TreeTop adventure on the Gold Coast, a truly unique and challenging way to celebrate your mate’s last days as a bachelor! Dress the Buck up in a funny costume, and watch him swing through the trees. There’ll be laughs and gasps as the Buck and friends test stamina and skills on our 100 treetop challenges - read more
  • Hens Parties - Forget about your standard, run of the mill Hens Party. If your best friend is the kind of bride-to-be who thinks outside the box, it’s time to take on the TreeTop Challenge and have an unforgettable adventure on the Gold Coast! Dress your Hen up in a funny costume and join her as she takes on the thrills and excitement of our 100 treetop challenges - read more
  • Schools Excursions - Students in particular relish the thrill of learning about themselves, each other, and their environment while they master our 100 fun, exciting & adventurous challenges - read more

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